Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slushy Weather

It's currently 21 degrees in PA. It's not too bad but then again I have socks on and am cozy on the couch with a warm laptop in my lap. The kitty came with us and Dan found him asleep on our futon under the covers. 

The sodas are kept in the garage to save refrigerator space. Dan just came back with a Mountain Slush instead of Mountain Dew. Hehehe. 

Other than keeping cozy I have nothing on the agenda for today. We're going to take a family portrait later so I should probably try to look decent for that. After dinner Dan and I are meeting a friend. It's so hard to see everyone when we get in town but we are trying. 


Mush said...

Liz, it's Kristen. Shhh! :) Hope you have a great time visiting with Dan's family!

Iron Maggie said...

It's gotten a little warmer here! It's 33F, a veritable heat wave!